Little Little blackdress

Fashionandparty Edition.
The ancient-goddesscouture collection little black dress And the party in entertainment style.

Good entertainment Happy fans happy people

Princessbritannia went into the desighn and creation box again and came up with another version of the ancient goddess couture collection, all for little little black dress video ropes promotions, held #london at the scandals night club.

She said video ropes you send me back ina Di desighning boot.
And mi Haffi #doitlikeajamaican in Britain.

The event was fun and lots of entertainment galore can’t done.
Happy fans and friendly faces was very happy to see princessbritannia
And dad. The moment was #iceyfreshh happyjollywood stule.
without further adue a pic has to be taken. #adiworldacome style.

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Blooming PrincessBritannia flower

PrincessBritannia is blooming just like the flower in the garden..

She springs like a spring season flourish like a flower 🌹 and smile is like a million shines of chalk white clouds with silver lining.

PrincessBritannia aka leviora is a work of art an authentic diverse and cultural talented young lady whom work to the best of her abilities to achieve her goals.

PrincessBritannia is free spirited and see the good in every thing.

She appreciates life

And here is the summer the sun and flower with the blooming #princessbritannia.

She said

I’m like a seed and a flower

Water me and I will grow. And blooom beautifully for you.

That’s all required.

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Natrual pumpkin juice PrincessBritannia doitlikeajamaican

It’s here, I’ve never tried it before, I’ve always wanted to do it and keeping putting it off.

However it’s time to make some natural pumpkin juice with myself here PrincessBritannia #doitlikeajamaican.

Yes I’ll be dealing with it naturally just like that.


My testimony.

So I’ve decided to try out the pumpkin.

I bought full one from my fruits man and decide I will have it in two different ways.

As it can be prepared for personal intake bothers cooking and making juice.

This is the delicious pumpkin the full one

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Back to basic with it doitlikeajamaican

PrincessBritannia went back to basic with it.

Yes sometimes you have to take it down a notch and deal with it the best way you know how to, and when you are ready you fling it up a next notch too.

Getting the natrual hair style done

Anyway the story goes like this,

So back in the day every Saturday it calls for the ultimate cleaning washing grooming for the weekends as children prepares for School.

sometimes Sunday get involve,as it is time get the shoes 👞 polish and that little small old tooth #brush and #uniform well press and seams well neat and clean for school, not to mention the clean shirt to go with it wether it is ,white, purple, blue or beige, the collars on the neck always stand up straight like a raiser blade, and if you wear a tye then it is well tied neatly and bag well packed with pen books 📚 and rulers for Monday morning bright and early.

And you better make sure you reach to school on time.

And all that is after you After sweeping up the yard take out the chimney, wash up plate, clean up, go to pipe and carry water, some of those stuff are the real life of a young individual growing up in different part of life.

Mm mm “well !! “some place like jamaica” don’t laugh..

Ok (unuh know seh a dat mi did ah guh seh man.) in my “Jamaican voice.”

(You know that’s what I was referring to ) in “Jamaican voice” as I am sharing apart of the growth.

In the meantime while the growth continues, two oranges and apples, and mangos, has to picked from main road, where uncle ken and aunt dye, #mass ascot, orange walk is situated.

So our morning was always well nice in the process getting ready for the ultimate day.well nourished and for ………The other new invention to come in the next hour of school while the bright beautiful sun 🌞 ray just shoot Up out of the blue sky 🌌 leaving with a feeling like wow, there’s life somewhere out there in the world 🌍.

We call it a #momentintime beautiful.

#moments that writes the path of a sense of wellbeing and greatness one feels every rays that shinneth deep from the sun in the soul.

Leaving a long last feeling that holds you and keep your fire 🔥 burning for a lifetime.

Monday morning ride. #amomentintime.

sooo sweet .. ok moving on..keep that feeling with you.

Whilst preparing for that Monday morning juicy adventure ride up in the country space of the cockpit beautiful tree and branches that spread laid alongside the roads brings a cool breath of fresh air that dashes throw the district like life, everyone enjoy as the day unfolds.

Byron playing his sound system up a dancehall, while miss mawtti dog 🐕 name “duttygyal” barks at everyone who passes the #shoeblock tree a.ka #hibiscus tree and touch or tries to go at the back to pick any of her apple from her #appletree that stood in the backyard, behind the fence, “Duttygyal”would get you”!!!…,,,

dat damn dog will climb the teee for you, ass ( in my Trinidadian voice ) don’t laugh…. 🤣 if you are up in that apple tree make sure “duttygyal”

Never spot you climbing 🧗‍♀️ or see your foot” else (dog Nyah yu suppa) ina mi Jamaican 🇯🇲voice )

(dog have you for supper in my )English voice 🇬🇧).

As I said make sure you wasn’t spotted lbecause if you did, the “dutygyal” just surround the #appletree like a real body guard spinning like a gig if you try to you think a #flashgordon.

If you Jump down, you better run like #usainbolt brother”…. don’t let that heel back got caught with those teeth or that trouser foot, either. Because your going to have to flash your foot real hard to flash off that little

Fine teeth tiny but dangerous soldier.

That dog was a real legend trust me.

Anyway whilst that is going on, it is still the weekend and not just polish shoes or press uniform or doing chores, grooming comes in place too.

Hair has to be done to go with the flow too.

And CAVEL was the master of it all.

When it comes to cornrow of the natural hair and styling it CAVEL was no stranger to this, a matter a fact she is a master of her craft which was all free.

lining up waiting in row are everyone with comb bubbles in their hands waiting for their favourite styles or school on Monday.

And without a doubt everyone is leaving well done and pleased looking shine for school on Monday morning.

At school no extra hairstyles can be worn like wigs, long extensions, finger nails, nail polishes etc.

Cloths has to always neat right colour code on hair amenities if any, correct socks 🧦 everything has to always looks neat for the girls

And the boys khaki well pressed and steamed and shoes polished and shine like a glass bottle …and hair well cut comb or brush back.

Time is a importance and you best make sureOn Monday morning you make it in on time else me Walters will be at the school waiting.

Well everyone know what time That is rush before devotion start.

Everyone looking sweet and fresh for school feeling fresh ready to learn.

And make sure you drink a cup of tea and breakfast in the morning or something is a must by mommy daddy or big bro or sis granny uncle Auntu whoever the career even yourself.

Now everybody at school

everybody #clean, everybody ready, everybody ready to #Learn, everybody #look nice.

The power of a food grooming and hair style in school.

Makes it perfect place to learn. It also encourage growth and creativity and good hygiene when mainly when growing up.


I’m I being bias? write your portion.

If you like it…..

share it..,,,

Share the joy, don’t just keep it to yourself.

One love #princessbritannia

#doitlikeajamaican in Britain

Here I’ve put a few in a box a reminder of one of the cultural styles for school.

One of the culture natural styles for School

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Me Melon morning doitlikeajamaican

What is your melon thing?

My melon man in the morning oh lord what a singting.

#Doitlikeajamaican in #Britain and the smoothie have to get mixing.

I put banana I put ginger I put grapes but wait where is my melon 🍉 to participate.

The red thing with the seed inside that make you say ooola laaaa.

Oh here it comes. With a little apple and kiwi 🥝 itch up beside it.

what a thing when the juicy nice taste hit your taste bud you Always get a good fright.

A fright that makes you heed for another bite.

Don’t take my word for it, give it a try.

My melon man in the morning…

Let me want to run and ting.,,

What’s your Fruit thing, enjoy as you say a poem jump dance or sing?

You think I’m mahd”?

You better fuljoy your child within and stay glad, after all a one life you get from god.

Thank you god.

#PrincessBritannia shareing my melon man morning ting.

Here it comes

Doitlikeajamaican 🇯🇲in Britain 🇬🇧

If you like it share it don’t just keep the joy to

To yourself.