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Start great with PrincessBritannia

Thank goodness for the goodness.

#moringa seeds, cucumber 🥒 kiwi🥝 #babyspinach, 🍌 banana, #grapes 🍇 #strawberries 🍓 or #plum, whatever your taste bud tells you, just choose and pleasure yourself and go with the flow.. after all your worth it.

one of my favourite spice is missing #ginger. I love my ginger.


choose two or  three of your favourite  fruits and  mix them together and try it first.

#cucumber and #ginger is a first  hand choice for me.

most time I will add a extra fruit or two to bring up the flavour, bringing it to my #mixandmatch menue.

this gives energy in the morning before heading off to the #zone.


the #ZONE?

what Is the ZONE?

ist the #MOMZZONE

the Mindovermatterzone .

a place for health and wellbeing and social inclusion.

Start great with PrincessBritannia on her daily’s as she enter the zone.

The mindovermatterzone, the #momzzone.

Every week days from  9:15 -10:30 each day princess create a zone and routine to mix with the daily diet.

eitheir in the park or anywhere you like making it a place of wellbeing and social inclusion for all.

Here are some of the goodies on the menue.

P.S remember you can make your zone wherever you want it to be.

go be great now.




Happy birthday Ernie flex

Happy birthday to Ernie flex another one of our industry icon star entertainer celebrating today.

Ernie Flex is

playing the best selection in music.

On the flex radio station taking the world by storm.

tje party choice the people’s choice.


raise you’re glasses, sound the alarm 🚨 birthday wishes and compliments to the man of action


happy earthstrong Ernie flexx

have a weskme day


#adiworldacome team.


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PrincessBritannia challenge for sports relief fundraiser 20 press-ups

Princessbritannia did it again this time it’s for sports relief.

It’s time to take on the #princessbritanniachallenge for #sportsrelief in the Uk.

#Princessbritanniachallenge 20 press-ups nonstop for your 50ps ÂŁ1 ÂŁ2 ÂŁ3 and ÂŁ10.

this ain’t no cheap campaign come on bring on the Stosh. Smiles ..

but seeuoisy ladies and gents let’s goooo..

Sports relief comes alive, it all happen in the uk every year.

every year Londoners goes out to do their bits for sportsrelief.

this time around #PrincessBritannia is on the challenge, she has done the running in the park at the #Catford #doghound sports club in the past.

now it’s time to do something’s else great at the #deptfordpark #momzzone the #mindovermatterzone zone the zone and #club for active moms.

They call it the #momzzone.

Let’s get fit together

important information from PrincessBritannia.

PrincessBritannia is doing 20 press-ups in the snow at her own risk, please don’t try this at home.

In the meantime get your glad rags on and let’s go, #princessbritannia Challenge you, 20 press-ups non stop, calling #moms #dads #uncles #aunties #grans and #Childeren let’s gooo.

You can do this lets keep fit and  healthy and raise money for sports relief 2018.

Let’s get fit and raise money together.

You can also go to the sportsrelief website for more on how to take part at

It’s your chance to do somthing great, get great with #princessbritannia for sports relief.

here it comes on a repeat , 20 press-ups nonstop for sportsrelief 2018.

Join in and be apart of the fun, let’s get fit together.

Calling moms, dads, aunties, uncles, grans and Nans.

You can do this let’s all be great together with PrincessBritannia for #sportsrelief 2018.

unuh ready ? Let’s gooo in my Jamaican voice.

#doitlikeajamaican 🇯🇲in Britain 🇬🇧 .

hold on

it nuh some yet.

here is more..


suscribe to our YouTube channel #doitlikeajamaican in #britain

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PrincessBritannia just got started

    PrincessBritannia just got started PrincessBritannia

Just got started let the adventure begins.

let me let you in.

just setting up and I am finding it a bit difficult, but  by reading through it has helped me to learn and even developed more.

work in progress #adiworldacome.

get register venture through and turn on all your notifications.

you are about to enter into the new mellinium and invention of the




Welcome all #britannialiciouses

put your seat belts on, it’s about to begin.

as it’s a bumpy ride.

Hold on


Turn your heads to the left, then Turn your mobile up side down.

cheers mate.

#gotspice #backwiththeflavour ##backwiththethingtomaketheworldcomescloser


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Good morning let’s get warm PrincessBritannia

Good morning from London today we wake up with snow out side.

this simple means for #Londoners a cold

day of wrapping up warm or take it to the nines at any means.

as for #PrincessBritannia and the #momzzone the ultimate routine will begin and continue at home.

so never the less you can do it too, and continue. Today we do it in Spanish with my coach from


so here it comes we take it inside you can start your routine anywhere you like, in the park, in your house a round the blocks or even at your work place at lunch time.

you only need 1 minute up to 5 minutes depending on what you are working on.

#abs, #legs  #hands or #thighs.

This is at the #zone the #momzzone the #mindovermatterzone.

what is the #zone I hear you say, the #momzzone ?

the #momzzone is a place for #fitness #health and wealth social inclusion and #health and #wellbeing  for moms, momzz  and members of the community to get involve and get great.

there is also a website filled with lots of different tips and recipes and #moms demonstrateing the full effect of the momzzone. the #mindovermatterzone

“where most things are possible”.


everyday #momzz  join at the park area for a full monty.

get your location from their website at the location bar.

you can do it too. It is all free and for the community.

Here it comes 20 press-ups my younger count down.

so there you have it, you can join in and register on their website. here is another one.

in the meantime why not  choose your space in your house and get it started.

today is one of the best day as it is cold out side.

lets get warm inside.

put your music on and let’s go..

create your #momzzone at your home.

after all it’s your zone your day

make it whatever you want it to be.

be great.



Www.momzone.come mindovermaterzone.

A place for moms and

health and socialwellbeing.

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princessbritannia preview 3rd outfit snowshoot londonsnow

princessbritannia take on #london for the ultimate shoot as it kicks off in the park, the camera crew crept secretly into the yard setting up set and decided to shoot on a very icey cold freezing day.


the super woman takes of her purple blanket and the ultimate shoot begins as camera started to snap.

as camera,s shutter started to unfold to shoot #giditv camera crew start rolling and

the task begins.

it was a great experience for all, as the intervention was tense.

as finding a location before the snow melt was a compelling challenging one. as many children and adults already stepp inside the snow.

nevertheless there was a place stash away along side the local #london area, between a big field and a building with ponds and ducks.

mmm mmm yes thats right.

one cant really give away too much of this description as the secret little place was just  captivated and taken over for 20 minutes.


20 minutes? ,,

yes 20 minutes ,,

after all you are working with the visionary exerting people.

experience dedication and show business. be sure to turn on notifications to get all exclusive and dont miss out on what to come.


after all. the #queen says.


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Good morning from PrincessBritannia

Goood morning beautiful people top of the day to you.

give thanks for life and every single thing in it.

A day is precious, it holds 24 hours to unlock whatever you want.

wether you are haveing a good or bad one  it still determine  how you take it.

It,s all depends on your consciousness of livity, the way you view, see,  live and receive things.

Some will say there,s not a map or a mechanism set up to show life.

but one dear to differ.

take a look at the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom.

birds of a feather flocks together, they know what time to roll out and roll in at 6 for bed time,  thief, pic , do whateve r they work with their  instincts

they know when to feed or when to

fly away.

just as how men and women should know.

just like the plant kingdom there are many trees, different fruits, seeds but most can  be used for many different things

as men and women.

many are the same but different in ways.

one thing hold all together is the roots know thyself.

gooooood morning have a reflecting uplifting truly magnifying day.




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Happy Mother’s Day pb salute you

Happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there right now doing a fantastic job with work and taking care of the children,  you are phenominal woman and is taking time out to say #salute.


we are here to share and uplift woman of today and men of the society whom wish to do their best.

today we take gratitude in saying salute to those individuals and continue to rise to the occasion.

may I be the first to drop a

Encouraging line to all the phenominal amazing hard working parent out there especially the ones whom are doing a fantastic job.


wether you are a career, a mother,  Aunty, a dad, a niece and you are doing a good job of being  a mother to someone, #salute.

your purpose on earth has  been written down.

you have been served


happy Mother’s Day.

tag a mom or send this to one, let them know that no mater what, their purpose on earth is been accomplished.

salute and keep up the good work.

have a fabulous  day.