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Natrual hair and Hair and Beauty Room 

Natural Hair and Beauty Room

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Health and wellbeing room

Fashion department 

princessbritannia vault #mavault wardrobe.

PrincessBritannia Fashion Store and Desighning Room. #pincessbritanniacouture Clothing range.


The £1.3 million pound dress PrincessBritanniacouture collection in Snowshoot shoot #London February 2018.

see more in #Mavault.

Have you got your password then open the lock and enter in #mavault.

A preview on our services and what’s in store.


#doitlikeajamaican in #britain with PrincessBritannia with hit series hitting your screens and networks.

One love #PrincessBritannia

One love PrincessBritannia

Hi I am Bradley Calder.

I was born in britain. As my hobby I am a reggae selector and dancehall selector. In this country we have a big jamaican musical culture such as reggae dancehall. We have our own english reggae artists like peter hunnigale maxi priest tippa irie macka b to name a few.

I also like some jamaican food such as fried dumplings jerk chicken.

I am a white man born here in britain.

I have lots of friends from jamaican backgrounds. Most of my black friends are from jamaican backgrounds. I find lots of jamaican people very nice friendly people with good manners.

Princess Britannia Fisher is a friend of mine.

Whom we met on social media platform mainly Facebook and ever since we had a good entertainment relationship especially with the positive work she is doing in the entertainment industry which connects all race. And she bring good vibe along with it.

I am deeply into the reggae dancehall music culture.

I enjoy Jamaican parties

I find I have music in commons with a lot of jamaican people. I like the old music the most 60s to 90s.

Me also talking as a man i like women from caribbean cultures. As most of us know that Jamaica is the most famous place in the caribbean. Jamaica gave us marcus garvey, Bob marley, Usain bolt and many more famous people.

Dennis brown, Sugar minott, Bob marley are my three all time favourite reggae singers of all time.

Jamaicans are people of all races black white chinese.

But most jamaicans were from ghana the most.


My jamaican friend told me most jamaicans were from ghana nigeria congo? See i am well educated for a none jamican who is a white britain man lol.

I love music and the Jamaican culture.



Singned Bradley Calder 

Dj Bradly calder

Bradly Calder


I saw Princess Britannia at a stage show a few years ago, where she was the master of ceremony (MC). I was not booked for the event and I remember Princess Britannia being very persistent in trying to create a time slot for me to perform, despite the fact that there were so many artist that was originally booked for the event and the time was also against her. She could’ve walked away without trying but she didn’t. This showed me the type of person she is. I’ve never forgotten this since. Thanks to Princess Britannia for her efforts, it was greatly appreciated.

Danny Sprang.

Danny Sprang

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