Princess Levi Ora by Birth and Nature.

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Leading the way in Authentic, Cultural and Diverse Social networking.

Princessbritannia a dedicated Mom who is also here to inspire everyone (especially all moms) and dads.

princessbritannia is working with PrincessBritannia.com


Princessbritannia.com in promoting, food, music, entertainments, fashion, sports ,arts and culture.

Princessbritannia is A Visionary Expert.

Founder of Happyjollywood and Hitmiwithmusic Entities.

She is involved in lots of charity work for the community, including,

Sports foundations and  Charities, Mindovermatterzone.org , www.momzzone.com (inspiring all moms), #solidarity for Jamaica and The local Communities of United Kingdom and helped around the world  wherever means necessary.

Princessbritannia is also a Fashion Designer With clothing line #pbcouture.

This is what the #princessbritanniacouture Desighner label looks like, with caption “

“Want that sign”.

princessbritanniacouture “want that sign”.

/presenter/blogger/and publicise.

Princessbritannia is dedicated and committed to the work she does.

She believes #good commitment, #Positive hard work, and putting god first in everything you do, then everything is possible.

princessbritannia is a Host & Advocate for the Youths, and the Community, And always aid in working for A More Positive and striving Entertainment Industry.

princessbritannia.com is a platform which is building a better foundation for individuals to ply their trades with a pure and Natural  Impact, along side with Education, arts, Diverse Culture and Creativity for all.

this means everyone are welcome.

Princessbritannia.com Media With Hit Series #Doitlikeajamaican in #Britain hitting #Happyjollywood, #happyjollywoodtv, #Giditv and all your Major Networks.

Princessbritannia.com bridging the gap between the high end and local fraternity connecting the dots for all your #Beauty, #Promotions, #Fashion #Sports and Entertainments needs…

it is the #HouseOfProduction.

making it as the #Princessbritannia Slogan says


Princessbritannia Believes in hard work, commitment, Equality, love and unity and she distributes love for all.


#princessbritannia toptips

Have Courage.

Princessbritannia topquotes:“If god say that’s how it should be i have no say in the matter”.

Here is an insight on what to come.