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Happy 65 birthday dads more life

Dad you have given us the most important things in life.

How to become a self reliance, you thought us hygiene , responsibilities, self preserveration, love, you gave us knowledge and all that there to go through life.

These are some of the fundamental things you have given to us which money can’t buy.

With no further adue

#happy earthstrong dads. live up on your day.

You are 65 years strong and still going like any young man.

Thank be to the most high god for keeping you strong.

And thank you, I know deep down you are my biggest fan.

With that said , may I take this time out to say bless up on your earthstrong and may the universe grant you many favours ahead.

amdthe good lord guide and protect you on your going’s outs and coming ins.

Live up dads

happy earthstrong we got


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Chinese bank card peckam Princessbritannia

YouA Chinese bank card and PrincessBritannia.

three off headline.

I wonder a what is dis now again mon” mi ina Di monday evening yah “? (You asking in your Jamaican voice) 🇯🇲you wondering 😃

what is she coming with now?(in your English mind)🇬🇧

Well I got it right  here to share and it’s all goodness and greatness.

the story Continues.

so I was in production and we stop by to get some vegetarian bun, peckam London United Kingdom this is. In the garrison as they would say but now become more of a parison like Paris, Haile.


as I got my bun and bit and left I didnt take my card with me almost leaving me stranded, nevertheless I get home.

after a few-days I pass back The same area located underneath the bridge right beside the man that’s sells the Caribbean food.

the railway runs across on the overhead bridge bring that everlasting unique sound of the London ground a magnificent feeling most don’t notice.

you definitely know a train is coming.

The vibration of the shivers felt sometimes on the building this road jerk you know life exist at a place like this London peckam town.

however let me surpass the beauty a little and

get back into the story of the card.

this is the moment you have a look . For yourself

if you are ever in the peckam area stop by for your veg buns.

If you like it dont just keep it to yourself.

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#doitlikeajamaican 🇯🇲 in #Britain 🇬🇧 .

Here are a few picks of me and my newly friends.


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Got it right here tips remedy products

  1. I got it right here just like sizzle kalangi would say.
  2. and he has a new album out now called the #accousticsounds. Go look now.
  3. anyway now you get that little update here comes the goodness I got it right here.

yes! yes! ye!s its what everyone has been waiting for, some good quality product for the skin. Especial urban skin also

can be used for all nations too.

Here the fabulous #Akua from the #hurbanculturehub has have my back covered with all the goodness.

I was on the hunt and boooom The stash was found.

yep I found the ultimate beauty secrets and product for the body.

this is the lemon grass #hibiscus srub made natural yfor your skin  and it is made in the uk in #Brixton to be specific Aswel.


not to mention the black soap straight from out of the land of #Ghana 🇬🇭, the motherland.

almost everyone must know a little about this black soap if you don’t, the. You better know now.

This black soap is very good for the skin, I was told  especially if you have problems with #exzema, dry skin or rashes this is it.

the ultimate remedy for all the eruption skin types.

but I won’t just listen I am going to try it.

so right now I shall take it on board and give my skin a thorough cleansing.

When a woman is pregnant, it is very hard to take care of the skin, body, hair and self properly, especially if you have more than one children and time consuming.

not to mention when showering and can’t reach those hard to reach places.

So then, this means after birth a thorough and good cleansing is a must.

and I have the formulae for that.

both #pregnant and #unpregnant depends on the skin type.

without no further adue here is the two beautiful things I am talking about.

I am going to take a Bath right now alongside my warm ocean shower curtains I told you about yesterday and see how it goes.

have a quick look and listen.

After showering the it’s the next steps,

the question is how did I feel..

well you take

a look at this video and then tell me how do you think I am feeling right now.

Now I am finish and ready to go.

I will keep you posted.

here is my update for today on the go production in process show coming soon #doitlikeajamaican on #britain.

#doitlikeajamaican #adiworldacome🌎

here I have mange to put all of them together for you to see.

If you like it, share it, don’t just keep the joy to yourself.

have a beautiful #magicalmonday

one love


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Feelings shower curtain bath times

Feelings shower Curtain and Bathtimes

A what kind of topic is Dis now?( In my Jamaican voice).🇯🇲

What kind of topic is this now mate?(in my English voice)🇬🇧


let’s get started…

The story continues with my creative decorations.

The head line.

Feelings shower curtain and bath time leads to the question that I ask on Instagram earlier. if you are on my page you will know what in am referring to ig  you don’t then it’s @princessbritanniahappyjollywood.

if you bring good vibe I’ll add you. #vibe

moving on..

How would you feel everytime you enter into  your bathroom to take a shower you see this picture?

Beautiful river fall ocean  shower curtain

This beautiful shower blues tropical shower curtain in new lays between two other baby pink shower curtain I used to decorate my bathroom I bought on #amazon earleir this year.

and my creativity chips in.

they stand right in front my face everytime I enter my bathroom, and it brings forth that feeling Everytime.

That ocean, feel GOOD feeling.

The feeling that makes you say ahhhhhhhh. Time for a dip.


Decorated two plain pink shower curtain with blue ocean,

my creative decorations bring me life.

#adiworldacome now..

my shower curtain makes me feel like a holiday everytime it comes up bath to 🛀 time.

That cozy feelings in between the layers and my bath tub, when the heat hit the curtains and  hold it firmly inside.

“well I don’t know if the heat is that think to hold.”

but anywas  moveing on..

you feel like my own ocean 🌊 or river side everytime.

its like you can hear the water when I splash two splash against the toil and bath.

you fell you goooooood. You feel like #adiworldacome 🌎

You want to feel what I Am talking about?

try search for your nice waterfall shower curtain and we what I am talking about. Well feel what I am experiencing.

feel the goodness of just choosing the right shower curtains with the family.

the girls love pink.

i hope this little blog of mines about my shower curtain and how it makes me feel put a smile

on your face.

and no ain’t getting pay to sell.

the feeling is free so I’m sending it freely.

Well if  you like it, share it.

don’t just keep the goodness to yourself.

thank you for stopping by .

one love.

have a beautiful morning.


#doitlikeajamaican in #britain

here I’ve the all together don’t you feel like you want to dive in ?

#doitlikeajamaican in Britain with my blue and pink curtains because my daughter loves pink it and it makes us feel good at bath time.

feel the tropics.

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testimony exsauce doitlikeajamaican princessbritannia

I am my own testimony why.

I call Testimony  #exsauce #Doitlikeajamaican

I try to do my ultimate best in all that I can.

it is not easy it is very hard.

however the journey continues and I am taking you with me

let’s get the ultimate summer body healthy inside and out.

Starting at 20 minutes good to goo.

this is some of my results so far.

bear in mind I have three Childeren

nevertheless  the work has to be put in.

and the time has to be juggled yet the journey continues.

the key to it is time management, commitment, persistence, knowledge of the goodness and knowing what you want to achieve.

If you want to achieve the look, body and that good feeling inside and out, then

join me on LIve, each evening, on all my social media networks especially  Facebook Live.

20 minutes good to go. #doitlikeajamaican

Testimony got the #exsauce
Join the movement on live #exsauce

Reflecting on some of my outcome so far.

Remembering it takes time, hard work and commitment, but you can get it, if you really want it.

Dont just take my word for it.

See for yourself.

Here I’ve put a bunch of my dailies together, these are before and after pictures to show you that you can do it.

Anything you want you can work at it, just give it your best shot.

Remember its not just about loosing weight, it is also about finding the right balance, create and manage your own time, making some of the right choices, creating a healthier lifestyle, keeping fit, live longer and yep if you loose weight, it’s a bonus.

20 minutes good to go, on live.


#princessbritannia Facebook, #pages and socials networks.

#inspirationfortheinspired: let’s go

If you like it share it.

Dont just keep the joy to yourself.

Thank you for passing through.

one love.


#doitlikeajamaican in Britain.


come with it.

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Cornmeal porridge bammy PrincessBritannia doitlikeajamaican

Cornmeal porridge is one of the best meal

To have in the morning says princess Britannia in her Jamaican voice.

For my tummy it is, as this is a perfect breakfast remedy being used to give me that energy in th emorning that take me throughout the day. “And mi love it so much mi eat it all wid bread.

Nothing test”

And nothing nice Soo.

Anyway the blog continues

Here is the corn meal porridge in the pot, so hot it spew the whole place.

Cornmeal in water about to boil

It looks something like this when it’s  in the pot mixed with water ready to boil.

After boiling sweetens with milk or sugar.t

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Banana sweet Friday 13 doitlikeajamaican

Banana sweet and on a friday 13 morning it’s so sweet we a #doitlikeajamaican in #Britain this morning.

I finger of banana to eat while cocking up the feet want to listen to some reggae beat

wonder if #bibesfm is at my finger reach.

Turn your radios up right now #fadamighty is easy to reach.

Just eat a banana,mi nuh come ya fi preach.

Here is it.

it can be used for the best smoothie and full of potassium’s

It’s a early morning ride and a Friday 13 dem seh but everything still sweet, , mek wi skin two teeth..

Because wi have wi nice nice banana with natraul sugar this a nuh toffi with sweets.

Mi and mi banana in the morning, a suh wi dweet.

It give you energy to stand on your feet…

Hold tight have a good day and if you see a banana den why not e…..?

you finish it..,,

If you like it share it

Dont just keep the joy to yourself

Thank you for passing through

It’s Friday the 13 And keep keep enjoying and keep skinning  two teeth.

One love


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Garlic tea set body right

Garlic tea set your body right.

Yes may I say it again “garlic tea set your body right”.

If you ever feel that cold coming on, that flu ey symptoms you feel ruffleing in your throat and one of the best thing to take is some garlic.

cold coming on look no further a good cup of garlic tea will help to set your body right.

Why? it is very good in ontioxidant that helps knock away the bacteria that causes the virus, when drink it , it helps me a lot

And I am sharing this little secret with you.

It is one of the best natural remedies that can be used for many different things, it can be used as a spice, a remedy or eat raw if you can manage.

Most chefs use garlic for flavour as apart of their daily chef routines.

Good for my flu, when I feel the the rumble in the throat 3 pegs boil
Garlic in its natural form
Garlic good for spice in food

Her is the garliccin it’s natural form almost everyone should know but if you don’t know, her eiy is and I use it for flu symptoms at time.

it works.

becuaee if my daily diet and routine in and out of the cold I have to get the body balance right and keeping warm is one of the essential bit of it as I do not want to keep running to me garlic.

as I woul like to keep away, I know plenary of people who know it would even touch much Les to smell it munch less to think of useing it for tea or eat it.

so I understand… don’t laugh .. but yes, the less we away in that for us the best.

but in the mean time it shall continue its test.

Question is: would you drink garlic for tea?

especailly my British fans for this one because “”mi know seh unuh stush” ( in my Jamaican voice).

(I know you lot are posh) in my British voice.

bless up unuh self. And tea cheers.

if you like it share it don’t just keep the joy to yourself.

thank you for passing through