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Today mix summer body mixandmatch up

Summer is coming up and I’ve been asked

by one of my beautiful friend on #instagram for the summer body smoothie.

if I may she said I follow you for

The smoothie Summer body mi want , won’t say name butd this gives me great pleasure to make this one.

summer body wi whine get.. let’s gooo.

Today’s #mixandmatch with PrincessBritannia is quit simple.

summer smoothie #mixandmatch


There are different variety of fruits to go ahead-with the daily mix at the the zone #momzzone.

The right mix, with the right fruits can help to do the right things in the body and theres no doubt that the result is not good, it is very good and receding.

(“Iprove this for myself on my daily chores”).

Drinking up all
The goodness summer

leaving the body energised to go thorough the ultimate  routine to kick up a storm.

This will also help you get Ready for that summer body look.

Lets go hunny… we are in it to win it.

start mixing.

Well,here are some of my choices. Remember you can also Get more tips at the website too For active moms and dads to maintain good health and wellbeing along side social well-being and inclusion.

ok here they comes.

Every morning 5 times a week, I mix at least three fruits together for that smoothie form. You #mixandmatch

#mixandmatch, #orange, #banana ,#kiwi #ginger

Strawberries, I like the soury taste.

Remember you can choose your favourite fruit of choice.

Look at all this goodness, fruits mix to smoothie form.

here I’ve Manage to put some fruits together to choose to start that beautiful tasty  summer smoothie mix.


thank you for stopping by

if you like it, share it.

Don’t just keep the goodness to yourself.

one love #PrincessBritannia

doitlikeajamaican in Britain.


come with it.

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Start great with PrincessBritannia

Thank goodness for the goodness.

#moringa seeds, cucumber 🥒 kiwi🥝 #babyspinach, 🍌 banana, #grapes 🍇 #strawberries 🍓 or #plum, whatever your taste bud tells you, just choose and pleasure yourself and go with the flow.. after all your worth it.

one of my favourite spice is missing #ginger. I love my ginger.


choose two or  three of your favourite  fruits and  mix them together and try it first.

#cucumber and #ginger is a first  hand choice for me.

most time I will add a extra fruit or two to bring up the flavour, bringing it to my #mixandmatch menue.

this gives energy in the morning before heading off to the #zone.


the #ZONE?

what Is the ZONE?

ist the #MOMZZONE

the Mindovermatterzone .

a place for health and wellbeing and social inclusion.

Start great with PrincessBritannia on her daily’s as she enter the zone.

The mindovermatterzone, the #momzzone.

Every week days from  9:15 -10:30 each day princess create a zone and routine to mix with the daily diet.

eitheir in the park or anywhere you like making it a place of wellbeing and social inclusion for all.

Here are some of the goodies on the menue.

P.S remember you can make your zone wherever you want it to be.

go be great now.



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PrincessBritannia just got started

    PrincessBritannia just got started PrincessBritannia

Just got started let the adventure begins.

let me let you in.

just setting up and I am finding it a bit difficult, but  by reading through it has helped me to learn and even developed more.

work in progress #adiworldacome.

get register venture through and turn on all your notifications.

you are about to enter into the new mellinium and invention of the




Welcome all #britannialiciouses

put your seat belts on, it’s about to begin.

as it’s a bumpy ride.

Hold on


Turn your heads to the left, then Turn your mobile up side down.

cheers mate.

#gotspice #backwiththeflavour ##backwiththethingtomaketheworldcomescloser