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PrincessBritannia Orange doitlikeajamaican

A orange in morning said mommycharm always on the go.


She said eat a orange “it good fi belch di gas” (in her jamaicn voice).

Orange is one of the most common fruit from the #fruitfamily. It plays a big role in society  and in our body with out even notice the importance and vital role they play everyday.

today let’s take a bit of notice and hold a orange deh, you can see one, tek it and cut it, start eating and let’s continue..

ok ready?

moving on..

There are so many experienced shared in many family between friends wether black White Caribbean,chinese or Asian no matter the colour or where you are from.

no matter where you are from you have some familiarity and memories with orange.

i have a lot

here’s how PrincessBritannia family deal with orange.

One of the best remembrance was mama Mel my  94 year old grandmother of mines from my dads side.

Mama Mel a grand mother and  mother for everyone.

She is the orange woman, the woman with all the spices seasoning, like skellion, thyme, all-purpose you name it,mama Mel has it.

She was a little entrapenure in our community every Friday and Saturday all the house is filled with Mamel spices.

Alongside to compliment it was her nice sweet juicy oranges in her box from #balaclava.

when mama mel comes around with that brown box 📦 the place comes on Top.

Tasteting one of mama Mel’s orange 🍊 is the most ultimate feeling ever , especially when watching her peel the skins all off with that knife and we waited while the skin goes down slowly in a long round like snake shape, as we waited for it to make belt.


yes .. a belt to put around the waist.

ill demonstrate a next time.

After peeling mamamel would cut the orange in two one top and on  bottom then cut in four again to share with other siblings and friends and anyone’s who’s around who didn’t have money to buy one.

It is like a picnic on a holiday.

those are some of the memories shared with oranges in my family.

the orange that send the energy we need that good old vitamin C mixed with the sun that gives the vitamin D is one of the most expensive things one could ever get in life.

for this one have to be greatful for #life and #orange. (Smile)

next time you take a orange, handle it with care know that there are so many goodness can be produced from this natural goodness.

Wether you are just squeezing it as a cup of fresh orange juice or cutting up to blend with your #mixandmatch smoothies or just cut and eat, be sure to eat the gut, yes… the gut … after squeezing out all that jiuce , the gut helps to free up the bowels.

next time your toilet will be pleased. (Don’t laugh)

or your bellies instead.

#princessbritannia #toptips:

a orange a day helps pave the way.

the skin.. for tea ..

kids creativity:belt

importance: vitamin c

good for freeing up the bowels.

when to take orange: preferable in the morning and any time nessessary.

#salute #missesorange

here are some #oranges Ive put together in different ways and forms off my dailies  to eat and helps make natrual smoothies.

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Rise in greatness

Pleasant good morning to you

“Rise in greatness “.

No matter what the circumstances is rise in greatness.


Greatness is the only thing that comes from everything else that happens, wether it is good or bad.

The most important thing is wether one learn.

Wether the result is good or bad.

The importance is learning Process and this produce the greatness out of every circumstance given.

It is the fundamentals structure tools and guidelines for learning process in everyday life.

Greatness is empowering and great.

Feel it when you wake up in the morning, how have you ever notice when you wake up?,

Gosh I wake up” how great is that?. Yes Give thanks for life.

everything is a Bu us be thankful and greatfull.

onece have life eveything else is possible.

so think great, plan great do great be great.

If you are reading this how great is this,

whatever it this morning rise in greatness and go.

Have a Greatday.



One love PrincessBritannia

I appreciate you. #Adiworldacome

#princessbritanniatoptios of the day

have a lime .

Goood from morning it is so live out here.


the challenge continues for #sportsreleif

#princessbritanniachallenge 20pressups countdown in Chinese at the momzzone

#doititkikeajamaican in Britain


After the session at the #momzone  its of  to execute two things.

#doitlikeajamaicN in Britain



PrincessBritannia Culture morning

  1. Gooooooood  Mawning to You from PrincessBritannia.
  2. Top of the day to you and I am bring it to you ina Jamaican Style this morning.
  1. Culture Morning ‘Wicked and While With A Smile
  2. “Cum Mek Wi Skin Two teet” (ina mi Jamaican voice)
  3. come let us laugh together (in my English voice )
  4. this is a memory morning and upon this memory morning it brings forth lots of memories of things like games play whilst growing up, good activities,Raw  Fun, Levity and life itself.
  5. out everyday Thoughts And  Us Throughout The Day.

Whether you are a Jamaican or not, most of these games and Activities must of Bring back Some Memories, as these are pass down from Generation to Generations, Countries  to different Countries, Cities to different Cities and so on and so on .. Yu Get Di drift … Right?…


Moving On.

Some of the things used to survive  in recent years are amazing, it shows how human can develop, adorn and adapt to any different life changes And circumstances, and culture play a big part in that, especially in the way one grow up.

Things we group on, things we use and had to adorn to, like fetching water at the #pipe or maybe use a #mosquito destroyer to Ran #Mosquito , Shower along the streams or Rivers , share beds with more than one Siblings, Enjoy The Beaches and topicals,

walk to school, or have a happy Childhood, drive to school, play at #lunchtime, plays a big and major Role in one Adult Life.

it brings forth good  stability, natural Empowerment and Growth.

which are major parts of everyday life needed Attributes.

Now That life has Evolve and  making certain things a bit easier, Never the less the lingering status of Culture in store is Still Intact within the everyday Movement.

leaving on with many hope to say there are good things to look Forward to the feature, but always remember and never fForget where you Are Coming From.

it helps SHAPES and guide the direction of LIFE.

Bringing forth some good roots that is laid in the  memory Box in the Back Of The Mind ready to explore.

shareing culture


#doitlikeajamaican 🇯🇲in #Britain 🇬🇧


if you like it share it.

here are some good old memeories share to me from my watts app I took pleasure in shareing them to you like this in fine style.

welcome to some good old Culture memories.

which one of these brings back any memory?


Disclaimer: i do not own copyright to these images for promotional use only.


doitlikeajamaican in britain .

I hope this Memory Will Uplift Your Morning Bring you Some Positiveness To Take With You  throughout Your day With Whatever You Do.

Have a Good Day.

Good Morning in every way 🇬🇧

Here is All Different Style Of Morning To You.

Make It What You Want.

princessbritannia vlog previes

Revamp di Ting nuh, wet dreams money talk promotions

Revamp Di Ting Nuh.

so we are here going through productions and another one came up,

decide to do a quick revamp, P.S. PLEASE DONT TRY THIS AT HOME.


This night was a awesome one with Demus and Money talks promotions wet dreams, we decided to test out productions and do prelude out of the night featuring, #princessbritannia and #Demus.

song by Chris Brown.

dance forever.

Disclaimer: we do not own the rights to this ridding track,for promotional use only.

watch on YouTube Aswel.

enjoy #britannialicious flavour.

Peincessbritanniancatwalk snow shoot 2018 bring the heat in the freeze. #earthlady #princessbritannia.

princessbritannia prelude in playboy bunny affair.


PrincessBritannia weekly Dish
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PrincessBritannia Weekly Dish

Princessbritannia Weekly Dish consist of many different given variety of foods.

Weather it is continental, #African, #Afro Caribbean or #Indian #Jamaican or #chinese dishes, #PrincessBritannia is destined to brings you the ultimate.

Today it will be the Mixx up and match up a little Menue.

Bringing you the ultimate #mixandmatch for the #WEEK.

First to start off the #PrincessBritannia weekly dish menue is, the blended smoothie with lots of fruits inside. #nosugar

Something looking like this.

You can join in with the Childeren too, let them help prepare it with you, it will make it more fun for them and even aid them to try it more freely. it also helps with #bonding.

Lots of goodies are In goodness when you try it.

Ok moving on ..

After  preparing the ultimate juice,

The juicy fresh green #babyspinach mixes with the Chinese vegetables took place with some  boil corn ready to go down with  #fish (#seabass )and vegetables.


One question ….though …

where is my chopper?…”sorry my knife”.

youll know more as we go by.

PrincessBritannia Chinese vegetable baby spinach
Baby spinach Chinese vegetable ready to #doitlikeajamaican.

Time for the ultimate recipe of the day. Now BACK TO MY ROOTS .. oops I mean my #JUICE.

Well it  is my ROOTS.

here it comes.

the #ultinatemixandmatch smoothie ingredients.

PrincessBritannia weekly dish Cucumber Grapes Blueberries Berries Ginger natural moringa powder
PrincessBritannia weekly dish Mix fruits cucumber ginger berries with natural #moringa powder. The Boss of everything.

THese are Washed selected Fruits of choice with #moringa ready to take on the blender to give you the ultimate mix.

here it comes, when it is all cut up, it looks like this,  ready to go and someone (littleprincessleana) decided she has to play apart in all the takings too.

I ask , you want grapes?

I don’t think so, I want to come up and help too. Says  #leanalondon little cry.

and it’s about time.

And the mix begins and little miss #lecharmain #leanalondon is all in it too.

come on…. say it .. That’s The Sound Of My BLENDERRRR!!!!!

The mix is on its way and now soon finish, time for a tall glass of this nutritious smoothies.

PrincessBritannia fruit smoothies
PrincessBritannia #mixandmatchsmothies

now that the smoothie is ready it’s about time  to prepare the ultimate.

Time to cut up the vegetables for steaming, with sweet peppers, #onions and #thyme  these are some really good spices to bring out the #flavour.

PrincessBritannia weekly Dish
PrincessBritannia weekly Dish, baby spinach and Chinese vegetables with onion, sweet peoper and thyme

This is what the #vegetables look like while been steamed. 👇🏾

After the ultimate steam you share with you choices.

on the #PrincessBritanniaweeklymenumenue choice is #boil corn, green boil banana cornmeal dumplings and #fish.

Here is boil corn 🌽 been prepared in plain water

#princessbritanniatoptips :

You Can Spice Up Your BoilCorn With Different Spices and Flavours Of Your Choice.

LIKe thyme #skellion #noodles preferable (#jamaicancocksoup) or chicken  noodles

zthis depends if you are having it on it’s own. Some #hotscotchbonettpepper is the ultimate to go with it, if you are a lover of hot spice.


Doitlikeajamaican in Britain
PrincessBritannia weekly menu boilcorn in process #doitlikeajamaican in Britain. Ready to accompany vegetable and fish.

Moving on:

AFter prepare boil corn it’s time for some cornmeal dumplings and green bananas with Irish potataos #carbogydrates

i choose green banana for iron, Irish

☘ Potatao For Carbohydrates and Dumplings STArch giving a good mix of balance healthy diet for that healthy lifestyle needs to acomplish.

Here comes mr banana in its green form

PrincessBritannia weekly menue bucket of fruits green banana for boiling.

P.S. Take a minute …pause .. Take a good Look at this picture carefully..: I will elaborate more on both , I’ll tell you more about this  in my other blog  there are so much goodness in them.

but for now just Choose the Green Banana On Top that beautiful little bunch is for boiling to go with the PrincessBritannia weeklymenue.

clock ticking food steaming down 45 minutes max to prepare everything . Depends on your speed in the kitchen.

PrincessBritannia weekly dish green banana cooking with boil corn
PrincessBritannia weekly menue
Green bana in its greenest form ready to boil.

this before boiling and skin peel off the sling can bee use for other things like tell you more in myy next  log be sure to subscribe


PAuse for some almond nuts as the Childeren dig in.

Almond nuts

Hurayyyyyyy it’s dinner time .. and the mission is accomplish.

time To indulge. 😋 #callmemomzz

Corn meal dumplings, boil banana , boil corn , steam vegetable and Irish potataos. #princessbritannia weekly menue mix.

Evrything is cooked and ready to eat .

Check it out.


The family indulge.

has goodies are at hand boil corn  to enjoy a time the end the picking like a chicken 🐓

I choose the pot real back a yaad #Jamaican style.

after  all mi a #doitlikeajamaican in Britain.


suscribe to my blog.

get register.


#princessbritannia extras here’s all put together ina little gallery just for you. ENjoy as we #doitlikeajamaican in Britannia with the #PrincessBritannia weekly menu.

I WONDER what’s on next week.





share it if you like it.

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20 stroke a Di best stroke 1

20 is the best pushups at deptford Park London where it comes alive .

Every morning 20 press-ups for comic relief 2018.

Be  sure to register at the momzzone website to join moms in action

as they get fit and shared healthytips.

This is 10 balance foot raised for tightening of the tummy.

when you start  you don’t want to stop.

The tummy (Belly) is one of the hardest part of the body to get rid of , so at every given moment I get I try to do something to it to keep it in tack, bear in mind I’m in it to win it.

good results is a must so each day I make a challenge to accomplish such goal.

set a challenge and let’s go.

This one I truly could not have done one ,NOW I am a bit impressed with the outcome.

Ive learnt, balance is the key.

so get ballanceing and create that ultimate zone space for your daily routines and kick up that storm with that commitment level you have chipping in.

yes I am aiding you to start now.

lets go 20 is the best plus 1, and if you can do more then salute let’s gooo.

princessbritanniachallenge #doitlikeajamaican in #britain.

We’ll its not done yet, when you finish, try and have some fun,  with the Childeren if they are with you.

take on the shouting challenge,  let it out  tooo… 1.2.3……ahhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your beautiful day.


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Start great with PrincessBritannia

Thank goodness for the goodness.

#moringa seeds, cucumber 🥒 kiwi🥝 #babyspinach, 🍌 banana, #grapes 🍇 #strawberries 🍓 or #plum, whatever your taste bud tells you, just choose and pleasure yourself and go with the flow.. after all your worth it.

one of my favourite spice is missing #ginger. I love my ginger.


choose two or  three of your favourite  fruits and  mix them together and try it first.

#cucumber and #ginger is a first  hand choice for me.

most time I will add a extra fruit or two to bring up the flavour, bringing it to my #mixandmatch menue.

this gives energy in the morning before heading off to the #zone.


the #ZONE?

what Is the ZONE?

ist the #MOMZZONE

the Mindovermatterzone .

a place for health and wellbeing and social inclusion.

Start great with PrincessBritannia on her daily’s as she enter the zone.

The mindovermatterzone, the #momzzone.

Every week days from  9:15 -10:30 each day princess create a zone and routine to mix with the daily diet.

eitheir in the park or anywhere you like making it a place of wellbeing and social inclusion for all.

Here are some of the goodies on the menue.

P.S remember you can make your zone wherever you want it to be.

go be great now.